Flowers to say goodbye

Saying goodbye is an intrinsic part of our life. When we have to say goodbye, everyone experiences the grief in their own way. Flowers have a very comforting effect on us humans. When choosing floral decoration for a sad occasion, individual advice is particularly important. Whether funeral bouquets, floral arrangements or wreaths, with bow or condolence card, casket decoration or decoration for the funeral room with comforting floral arrangements – we will always design in line with your wishes.


Church decorations

Our deceased relative or friend is the focus for the last time. So that the funeral service is a worthy goodbye, we design elegant decorations for churches and mortuary chapels. We know how important the conscious farewell of a loved one is for the grieving process. With elegant, individual bouquets, wreaths and floral arrangements, we will create a dignified setting where silent remembrance and lovely memories are possible.



With floral wreaths for the casket or the grave, we provide a loved one with the last farewell: With floral wreaths for the casket or the grave. We willingly follow your wishes and design stylish wreaths, for example, using the favourite flowers of the deceased. In addition, we also decorate bows with individual lettering, condolence cards and much more.



We can express our feelings directly with flowers. We can also convey painful and sad emotions with beautiful flowers. Our employees will respond sensitively to your special ideas for floral bouquets.