Decoration for the bride and wedding party

Every wedding is different, new and exciting. It’s a great honour for us to be able to provide the floral arrangements for your special day!
Our range of services includes:

  • Small bouquets for maids of honour, mothers, grandmothers
  • Buttonholes for best men, fathers, grandfathers or the whole wedding party
  • Scatter flowers for children
  • Small floral gifts – a big thank you to all the lovely helpers
  • Bouquets to throw: tied like the bridal bouquet, but much smaller and less intricate, so that the bride doesn’t have to forego the bouquet throwing tradition or lose her dream bridal bouquet.

Bridal bouquet

The bridal bouquet is coordinated perfectly with the bride. The shape and colour of the dress, the hairstyle, make-up and overall style of the wedding are all important to the bouquet’s design. Flowers on the dress, as bracelets or in the hair then continue their effect if the bridal bouquet is put down.



A matching buttonhole for the bridge groom complements the bridal decoration and enhances the coherence.


Car decoration

Gorgeous, blooming creations can also be designed for cars, carriages, motorcycles, prams and all the accompanying vehicles. Creativity knows no bounds here.