Experience individual ambiances

Energy, motivation, zest for life – Interior landscaping lets us take deep breaths, find peace and refuel. We are happy to provide you with extensive advice on our services and help you create your own personal, green oasis of well-being. With the right green, you can bring pure nature into your living and working environment. Plants unfurl their impressive sphere of influence and promote mental stability and are proven to contribute to reducing stress. Plants enrich the spirit and provide a refreshing flair in the room.

Interior landscaping requires special experience in the field of “green facility management” for all climates. Our range of services includes innovative, creative and project-specific greenery for every room. We offer you advice, planning, design and service for all interior landscaping from open-plan offices to swimming pools and clinics, as well as in the private sector, for such as conservatories and living room concepts.

We design individual floral items to match your ideas and tailor them to your specific surroundings. We provide floral designs for great containers. Whether it’s arranged plants, combined with matching accessories, dried exotic plants or textile items – our team always has innovative and creative ideas for you. Just ask us!

Advantages of professional interior landscaping:

  • Filtering of pollutants from the air
  • Reduction of sick building syndrome
    (sick building syndrome: complex of illnesses, which are attributed to various factors in buildings.)
  • Improvement of room climate
  • Increase of well-being in rooms
  • Emphasis of building, corporate or life style
  • Aesthetic upgrading of rooms

Stephanie Steichele is a certified interior landscaper and is your contact person for individual design and landscaping of your premises.


Blumen Kuhn Floraldesign the official cooperation partner of art aqua together with the “Die Raumbegrüner” association.


Blumen Kuhn is a member of the German hydroponics association.